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Welcome to the world of Bridge-Linguatec International!
Chile, Argentina, Brazil

Antigua Guatemala has been the focus of Spanish Studies for many years. If you need to take Spanish to improve it, for a Mastery of the Spanish language or for traveling, then La Union Spanish School is the
right place for you, with its system of one teacher and one student.
Guatemala's warm year round climate and the historical environment of
Antigua will make your stay productive and relaxing.


We are a group of experienced Guatemalan Spanish Professors...

...who earned our stripes preparing Peace Corps Volunteers for fieldwork. We decided to form La Union Spanish School in La Antigua where we felt we could best share our skills with others whose goal is the aquisition of the Spanish language and culture. Our language learning skills are state of the art, and have succesfully prepared hundreds of volunteers and students for developmental work. We can do the same for you!

We believe in the idea of "re-union" as well.
We require our teachers to meet regularly in order to refresh their knowledge of key grammatical structures and our teaching methodology.

The basis for some of these "reunions" is the material presented in "¿Qué onda Vos?/What's Up Dude?". "Puro Subjuntivo/Pure Subjunctive", and coming soon, "Español en Latinoamérica", texts written and published by the school´s director, Juan Carlos Martínez.

Our Focus is...
...intensive and individualized one-on-one instruction. This ensures that you will receive the attention and practice required to truly learn the Spanish language.

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