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Jabel Tinamit Spanish School

Our Spanish school is the only school in Panajachel that is both Mayan- owned and -operated.

One of our objectives is to share the Mayan culture with students from all over the world.

As such, during your classes, you have the opportunity to learn about the Mayan people, their daily lives and the problems they continue to face today.

We offer:
- 4, 5 or 6 hours of intensive Spanish lessons
- one teacher per student
- flexible days and hours for studying
- professional teachers with knowledge of the English language
- different teaching methods, depending on the level of the student (beginner, intermediate or advanced)
- discussions, conversations and verbal exercises to reinforce each day´s lessons
- various grammar exercise books to clarify confusing grammatical points
- classes on weekends and holidays, as well as weekdays
- opportunity to live with a local Guatemalan family
- activities outside of classes, with the opportunity to practice Spanish while visiting different sights around Panajachel.
- Diploma upon completion of your course (optional, please tell us, if you need it).

We are willing to adapt our schedule to your travel plans.
You can begin your classes on any day of the week you choose.
The school is open from 8am-6pm seven days each week.

You can enjoy studying in a natural environment in the middle of our beautiful garden where, during breaks, you can relax in our comfortable hammocks.
Purified water, tea, milk and coffee (100% Guatemalan).
Test, when you start your lesson (in order to verify your level)

4 hours per day/5 days/week= $65

5 hours per day/5 days/week= $75

6 hours per day/5 days/week= $85

Aditional price: Family: $50 per week, including 3 meals per day, 6 days a week, except sunday.

We are in:
Spanish School "Jabel Tinamit"
In the center of Panajachel,
Off of Calle Santander,
Close to the main bus stop,
Just look for our sign.

Telephone: (502) 762-02-38
Celular phone: 810-75-05