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Costa Rica: Heredia (near San José) and Playa Sámara

Heredia is located at the base of the mountains near the capital of San José, with convenient access to the airport, beaches and national parks. Home to the National University, Heredia offers every amenity, from cafés to dance performances to bars/restaurants and outdoor concerts in the central park. The colonial centre has retained it’s typical “pueblo” feel even while modernization expands the city. Locals and visitors alike enjoy the central park with its historic church and fort. The city also offers internet cafés, gyms, banks, theatre, sports centre and pool, clinics, etc.

The region is the coffee-growing heart of Costa Rica, and those venturing into the mountains can still see the colourfully painted ox-carts bringing coffee beans down the hillsides.

School 1: Intercultura is centrally located in Heredia. It is housed in a converted colonial building and the adjacent modern classroom facility, with tropical garden, patios and a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere. There are 17 classrooms, a dance sala, student kitchen, study areas, two lounges, a small library and the tour and volunteer resource room.

Staff members are available for travel planning, class and homestay concerns and other issues. Intercultura offers evening English classes to the local population, so Spanish students have ample opportunity to interact with Costa Ricans in the variety of shared activities organized by the school, such as the conversational interchange parties. Other activities include: Latin dance, cooking, film, excursions, lectures, theatre, and more.

School 2: Intercultura Playa Sámara is the beach campus, where students have the opportunity to study one or two weeks per month on the pacific coast. Students are housed in a luxury hotel or homestays, with classes held in open-air salas and breezy ranchos.

The beach is surrounded by a coral reef, making the waters safe for swimming and ideal for snorkelling trips to the offshore islands. Kayaking, boogie-boards, horse-riding, volleyball, biking and dolphin tours and some of the activities available there. The town is small, vibrant and Costa Rican in character, and has won the prestigious “blue flag” award for it’s environmental work and clean waters. Students enjoy meeting locals in restaurants, bars, shops and the market.

Course 1: Intensive Spanish/Español Intensivo: Spanish classes are held four hours daily, followed by cultural and extra-curricular activities. Classes follow the communicative approach, emphasizing conversational competence in daily contexts. Higher levels study Latin American culture, literature and social history. Max. 6 students per class, average 4. All teachers are university certified and trained in Spanish as a second language methodology.

Classes use a variety of audio-visual materials and didactic activities as well as the ‘living laboratory’ excursions in Heredia.

Course 2: Private Classes / Clases individuales: Students may choose to take additional private hours of Spanish, studying topics such as Medical, Business, Social-work and Legal Spanish, or intensive conversation.

Lodging 1: Family homestay: Students may live in homestays with Costa Rican families, chosen for their friendliness and ability to offer students a comfortable, enjoyable living experience. Students receive private room, laundry service, breakfast and dinner. All families live within walking distance of the school (in both Heredia and Sámara beach). Students may request to be with another student or the only foreigner in the household. Other requests (non-smoking, children, pets, etc) are also accommodated as much as possible.

Lodging 2: Hotels/apartments: Intercultura is happy to make hotel or apartment reservations for any students not wishing to live with a family. These range in price from $18 to $60 per night, depending on the services offered.

Dates: Courses start every Monday throughout the year. Students may take from one week to 6 months. Average stays are one or two months.

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