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Coined Argentina
Argentina: Córdoba

COINED Spanish School is a very well known Institution in the field of International Education. It was founded as the academic branch of the argentine Exchange Student Organization “Comisión de Intercambio Educativo”, better known as COINED .

We have been involved with intercultural programs since 1971. Thousands of students from Europe, North America and other countries have joined our programs and studied Spanish in our Language School.

Through the co-operation and assistance of a number of former participants, COINED has evolved into a dynamic organisation, constantly thriving for the highest standards in quality and on the lookout for new services to offer.

Since 1988, COINED has been able to establish itself as a leader in Latin America in the development of the following programs:

Spanish Language Course.
Study Trips.

The Place

You hear plenty of talk about gauchos and the tango when you mention Argentina, but for many travellers it's the country's natural wonders that are the primary attraction.

With an enormously varied climate, travellers can visit subantarctic rainforests, tropical jungles, mountains, beaches, desert red canyons and awesome waterfalls. No matter where you travel, Argentina has something special in store for you.

Our School is located in Córdoba city, Argentina. This is a very nice and historical city, famous for its rich colonial heritage, shown by several old churches, the Cabildo and the famous and prestigious "Universidad Nacional". The kindness and openness of its people make Córdoba an ideal environment for the development of our programs.

Reasons to study Spanish in Córdoba
  • It is one of the nicer large cities in Latin America.
  • The cost of living is much cheaper than Buenos Aires.
  • Cordoba has a very nice university atmosphere. More than 150.000 students live in downtown and whereabouts.
  • The city is well known for its abundance of bars, restaurants, and shopping areas.
  • Cordoba is a very safe and historical city.
  • The climate is very mild.
  • From Cordoba, it is easy to get to many different points of interest within Argentina.

The School
Our School is located in downtown Córdoba, at a 5 minutes walking distance from Córdoba Main Square

(Plaza San Martín) and very close to the historical places and commercial district. You will feel at home just upon entering the School. Our students love our friendly and cozy atmosphere and receive a very personalized service from our teachers and administrative Staff.

The School building has a capacity for 40 students/day, consisting of:

  • 4 classrooms (for a maximum of 5 students per class)
  • Kitchen – Meeting Room: (for class breaks), where students enjoy free coffee, tea, mate tea and spring water. They can bring food and drinks to have lunch there.

  • A Salon (for video, audio, dance classes, speeches, Internet acces) and,
  • A Roof deck with beautiful views of the city.

Within a short distance of the school, you will find a lot of bars, restaurants, theatres and night-clubs where a lot of Argentinean students gather. Many open-air cultural events and concerts take place in the “Plaza de la Intendencia” and University district, which are located at 10 minutes walk from the School.

For more information please contact:

COINED Argentina
URL: http://www.coined.com.ar
e-mail: info@intercoined.org