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Brasil: Rio de Janeiro

For the past two decades, Bridge-Linguatec has been providing foreign language training to students from all over the globe. We own and operate all of our language centers, and our personal attention to detail and many years of experience are reflected in the quality of the study abroad programs that we offer at our schools in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile.

Whether you are interested in learning Spanish or Portuguese, we are dedicated to providing you with the best study abroad experience possible. We assure you that you will receive excellent teachers, learn quickly through a proven methodology, enjoy comfortable hotel or host family accommodations, expand your knowledge of the local culture through fun and interesting activities and excursions, and feel right at home in a warm and friendly school atmosphere.

Chile A land of extremes, beauty, and mystery.

Our school in Santiago is conveniently located in the neighborhood of Providencia, which is a combination of upscale business high-rises and elegant shopping mixed with quiet, tree lined residential streets. We are located just a few blocks from Santiago's modern and efficient metro system, which provides easy access to downtown. We are also only a five-minute walk from one of the city’s most popular hot spots, Suecia, where there are reportedly some 50 restaurants and nightclubs located in a five square block area.
Our modern, world-class facilities include 17 fully equipped classrooms with central air-conditioning and heating, plus student access to fax, phone, e-mail and the Internet.


Argentina A land of vast plains, spectacular mountains and the romantic tango.

Our school in Buenos Aires is conveniently located in Catalinas, close to Puerto Madero, which is one of the most exclusive areas of Buenos Aires. There is excellent public transportation nearby including train, subway and bus systems. The language center is brand new with first class accommodations and the latest technology (TV's, DVD players, and computers.) You will have access to fax, phone, CD-ROM's, e-mail and the Internet.

Because we have such a great location, we offer our students the opportunity to study in real life experiences; such as, in restaurants or cafes, shopping centers, art galleries, museums, and while site seeing, all of which are within walking distance of the school.

These classes have grown to be very popular among our students as they learn how to communicate with practical terminology in a more informal and relaxed setting.

Brazil Brazil is the largest country in South America, eighth largest economy in the world, and a country rich in culture and physical beauty.

Bridge-Linguatec is conveniently located in the business center of Rio de Janeiro, with easy access via public transportation to any place in the city. Our facilities offer comfortably furnished and well-equipped classrooms with laserdiscs and DVDs. We also offer prompt access to phone and fax services, as well as e-mail and the Internet.

Our central location allows students to leave for a walk after class to the historical center of the city, or to any of the nearby theaters, museums and cultural centers. Our central location is also great for "Live Portuguese” classes. In these classes, students carry out everyday tasks in Portuguese, such as shopping, going to the bank, and asking for information while always assisted by one of our instructors.

This is a unique opportunity for students to practice in real life situations what they learn in the classroom.

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