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Becari language school
One of the best Spanish Schools in the south of México!

Mexiko: Oaxaca

At the Becari Language School we specialize in offering many different options for any person interested in learning our beautiful Spanish language. To study at Becari is not only to learn a new language but also to enter another culture. We are a small school which prides itself on careful and sustained attention to each student regardless of his or her level of proficiency with a staff of qualified teachers who have ample experience in the field of Spanish as a second language.

At Becari we offer different programs according to the student's individual needs making it possible to advance more rapidly in one's knowledge and practice of Spanish. We emphasize oral communication, grammar lessons tailored to the student's level, and a variety of enjoyable and productive language learning exercises.

Becari's teachers welcome every new situation we encounter in the wide range of students who come to our school. For example, through private classes of one on one, we can prepare students for special examinations which require intensive individual instruction.

On the other hand, with five or more students we can offer special field trips, cooking or regional dance classes, Spanish language film viewing, etc.

Our regular program consists of three hours of small group classes five days a week divided into two sessions with a different teacher for each session. The intensive program includes four hours of class, divided evenly between two different teachers. The super intensive program of six hours daily is also divided between two teachers.

Becari Language School is flexible in its scheduling, and a student can enter for as little as one week or for a lengthy, indefinite period of study. We also have special programs for one, two and three months of study.

If a student wishes to live with a family in Oaxaca during his/her study, Becari Language School can arrange the stay, you will be exposed to the language 24 hours a day.

About Oaxaca
Oaxaca which is the capital of the state of the same name, is located in a beautifull valley surrounded by mountains, 500 km south of Mexico City. It has a very pleasant climate troughout the year. This city has been nominated a "World Heritage Site" because of its magnificent architecture.

For more information please contact Dr. Martha Canseco and Prof. Sandra Rivera, directors.

Fax: (9) 51 4 60 76

Email: becari@becari.com.mx

URL: http://www.mexonline.com/becari.htm